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Featured Products
Grooming Shampoos
Smart Rinse Conditioner
Smart Sense Cologne
Smart Wash Shampoo
Tack Boxes

Chris Christensen Systems
Smart Sense Cologne
Tack Boxes
  > Andreas
  > Big K and Big G
  > Groom Grip
  > Brass Brushes
  > Specialty Brushes
  > Fusion- Solid Brass Brushes
  > Gold Series Pin Brushes
  > Original Series Brushes
  > Oval & Oblong Brushes
  > Pin Brushes
  > Powder Brush
  > Ringside Brushes
  > Slicker Brushes
  > T-Stle Slicker Brishes
  > Terrier Pads
  > Wonder Brushes
  > Wood Pin Brushes
  > Dryer Acessories
Combs and Handel's
  > Cat comb
  > Coarse / FIne
  > Coarse Comb
  > New Category
  > Comb Handels
  > Face / Feet
  > Fine Comb
  > Mat Comb
  > Poodle
  > Rat Tail
Ringside Tote Bags
Stripping Tools and Accessories
  > Stripping Knives
  > Detailers
  > Stripping Stones
System Kits
Shampoos and Conditioners
Spectrum Series
After U Bath
Day to Day Shampoo and Conditioner
Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo
CoatLink Dressing
Systems Kits
Color Corrective Shampoos
  > Black on Black
  > Gold on Gold
  > Red on Red
  > White on White
Chris Christensen Jasmine Series Shears
Shear Accessories
Chris Christensen Left Handed Shears
Chris Christensen Merlynn
Chris Christensen Denali Series Shears
Chris Christensen Celestial Series Shears
Coat Treatments
Show Off
Ice on Ice
OC Magic Foam
Silk Spirts
Cris Stix
Health Aids
Mystic Ear
Peace and Kindness
Miracle Air
Styling Aids
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